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Parallel World Play

Imagine a world where trending topics were an issue for the past, where Henry VIII is the target of feminist propaganda, or the Vikings are forced to participate in parenting classes because of their children's dirty fingernails.

Imagine a world where trending topics were an issue for the future, a world in which robots are suffering from identity crisis, where space lizards are being held responsible for climate change because they use too much central heating.

Is it possible to take a subject that may seem mundane and transpose it onto the unusual for a cinematic effect? This is something I have been struggling with since the beginning of the week, and I'd like to know some opinions.

It is difficult coming up with something original for a story, especially for a theatre performance or a movie as there are a lot of things that limit us. The storyline must be light enough to keep viewers happy, yet new and refreshing. It must line up with cinematic attributes which means, ideally, it must have a lot of action and a lot of dialogue. Also, as I have learnt in my past three to four years of education, it should always end happily as many directors will either reject a unsatisfactory ending or change it to fit the needs of the viewers. However, we can not simply keep reusing the same ideas and plots.

So, to keep in touch with the term authenticity, we need to explore some untouched topics. Perhaps something that has been a little uncomfortable to talk about before. Or maybe a topic that has only just surfaced. As unimaginative as I am, I could only think of a few topics:

  • Miscarriage + Postnatal depression

  • Polyamorous relationships

  • Transgender male/female with protagonist role

Bare in mind, these are only topics that I personally have not seen in film or performance. I imagine that there are productions that explore these topics and if anyone has any film suggestions for me then feel free to drop a comment.

But are these subjects safe and interesting enough to explore in a story? And to what worlds is it appropriate to take them to?

Can you think of any topics that are yet to be explored in film? And in what universe would you like to see them?

(Credit to whoever made this picture)

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