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Jenny Lane is the author of Souvenirs and contributor towards the Lucent Dreaming magazine and Red Kite collection. She also scripted and worked with actors on the play 'Cold Coffee'.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and has recently received her MA in Professional Creative Writing. 

When she isn't writing, Jenny busies herself with finding pretty places to walk, reading outlandish poetry and propagating ugly houseplants. 

Coming from a low socio-economic background, Jenny's writing reflects a voice of socialism and considers herself an activist. Every year, Jenny takes part in the 22-mile swim challenge to raise money for Aspire. 

Her favourite genres to work in are contemporary fiction, sci-fi, and horror. She focuses on themes such as mental illness, familial relationships, and psychological concepts.

Jenny has offered proofreading and editing services since 2015. If you'd like to get in touch about these services, please head to the contact page. 

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