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I'm a writer from the Midlands, UK. After completing my studies in BA and MA Creative Writing, I am developing a reading, writing, and blogging portfolio.  On this site, you will find my writing blog - 'The Writer's Diary' and a reading blog which I manage through the book cataloguing site Goodreads.

I am currently working on two projects. LED's and Cherry Trees is a near-future science fiction novel concerning the moral implications of transhumanism and biorobotics. The other project 'Shifting Skins' is an experimental collection of short horror stories. 

Please feel free to roam around my site. If you have any queries about proofreading and editing, please head to the contact page. Happy browsing! <3

The Writer's Diary

Goodreads Reviews

Follow me and other bookworms on Goodreads. Here you can join the 2021 Reading Challenge and spy on what other people are reading! 


I write reviews depending on the context and length of the book/poetry. If I am reading a series, I prefer to wait until the last book so I am able to leave a full review. Similarly, with short story collections it is very difficult to leave a rating because I have found that when there is a lot of variety and styles, you can't judge the entire collection on a single piece. 

However, I will give an honest review for the majority of novels and nonfiction. Here, you can see what books make me cringe and what books make me cry! 

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